Paris, March 9, 2023 – Medical Devices Venture announces the partnership of its subsidiary DOMISANTE with stane for
revolutionize patient care, enable patients to take charge of their own health, deal with medical deserts and strengthen prevention.

a created the first French integrated health network. By bringing together innovative project leaders, therapists and patients.

A PHYGITAL CARE NETWORK: 450 structures by 2027 throughout France, including MPS, CDS & CPTS

A COORDINATION PLATFORM: fHR support functions on a time-sharing basis, central purchasing, after-sales service management and logistics

A RESEARCH MANAGEMENT: oPrivate research organization in town: academic, industrial startup, large group.

DOMISANTE allows the follow-up of the patient in its totality and 7D/7 and answers the end responds to the challenges of home care in the face of :

. an aging population
. saturated hospitals
. medical deserts

All concerned:

. Aging well,
. Chronic diseases,
. Post-operative (including outpatient)

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