Paris, May 3, 2023 – DOMISANTE, a subsidiary of Medical Devices Venture, and IKI announce their partnership to offer a complete urinalysis solution for home nursing services (SSIAD) and hospitalization at home (HAD).

DOMISANTE, a company with a mission and a subsidiary of Medical Devices Venture, aims to offer a generic base for prevention and monitoring from home.

Indeed, faced with medical deserts and to preserve the comfort of patients and strengthen prevention, and thus promote monitoring from home in optimal conditions, DOMISANTE offers a solution offering a simple and personalized contact with health professionals.

The solution is aimed at all the players in home care.

Thanks to the health gateway, patients can take and monitor their vitals from their home and access teleconsultation and teleassistance services.

IKI has developed a home health laboratory, called URIKI, for personalized medical monitoring through simple, portable and accurate urinary analysis. It allows, among other things, the monitoring of chronic lifestyle diseases such as chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease. To do this, it couples connected biological analysis tools, personalized monitoring and patient engagement tools. The solution is CE marked (DM-DIV) and protected by patents.

The challenge taken up by IKI was to integrate this analysis into the daily life of the patient and nomadic healthcare professionals thanks to the portability and connectivity of its URIKI reader.

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