Paris – May 31, 2023 – Medical Devices Venture announces that its subsidiary Dextrain, a leader in the field of dexterity rehabilitation, is adding new exercises to its Dextrain Manipulandum application. This expansion enables users to benefit from more comprehensive and targeted rehabilitation to improve dexterity and coordination of finger movements.

These exercises use an analytical approach to train the hand’s essential functions in many everyday gestures. One of the most important aspects is the efficient coordination between the fingers involved in grasping and manipulating objects. This coordination is made possible by good control of the timing of finger movements and good speed of execution. The Rhythm Tapping and Max tapping exercises have been designed to specifically train these two key components with the different fingers.

Another essential aspect is the execution and sequencing of complex movements, particularly in complex gestures such as writing, typing or playing an instrument. This aspect is made possible by the dissociation of fingers and the learning and linking of motor sequences. These two components can be specifically trained using Multi-Finger Tapping and Sequence Tapping.

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