Igny, August 8, 2022 – Medical Devices Venture (ISIN: FR0014006PT9 – mnemo: MLMDV), a MedTech investment and acceleration platform, announces its first half 2022 results.

Medical Devices Venture SA is the parent company of the Group and is headquartered in Igny, near Paris.

Its activity has evolved in 2021 to focus on taking equity stakes in start-ups in the healthcare field. Medical Devices Venture thus partners with researchers who have innovative technological projects that put the patient at the heart of the healthcare system, and that have matured within Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies or « SATT », semi-public structures that aim to transform ideas into intellectual property.

Through an equity investment, alongside researchers and SATT, Medical Devices Venture is directly involved in the development of these new technologies and their transition to an industrial stage. Drawing on the ARCHOS Group’s recognized expertise in research and development, operational and logistical support, marketing and commercialization, and more broadly, in the governance of innovation projects and industrial know-how, Medical Devices Venture brings a set of key skills to the launch of new products and the maturation of these technologies.

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