Igny, February 8, 2022 – Medical Devices Venture (ISIN: FR0014006PT9 – mnemo: MLMDV), a MedTech investment and acceleration platform, announces the listing of its shares on the Euronext Access+ Paris market by way of direct admission following a private placement of €2.3 million. The first listing will take place on February 10, 2022.

Loïc Poirier, Chairman and CEO of Medical Devices Venture, comments on the Company’s IPO: « This IPO opens new perspectives for Medical Devices Venture. After having already created four particularly promising companies, to which we associate our recognized industrial know-how in the design, manufacture and marketing of technology products, we are pursuing our vision with determination: to be a gas pedal of health technologies responding to major unmet needs by drawing on the expertise of the best researchers in major French and European laboratories.

Our innovative investment model, the combination of scientific and industrial expertise, a particularly buoyant market and products with considerable potential are all assets that will be decisive in our success. Together with a fundraising of €2.3 million, the IPO of Medical Devices Venture is an essential step in the success of our roadmap, in the increase of our reputation and in the access to new sources of financing to accelerate tomorrow’s health technologies.

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