Paris, January 20, 2022 – Medical Devices Venture announces that its subsidiary MDV IT has partnered with Montpellier-based startup Bonjour Henry to offer the ARCHOS 101s Oxygen tablet and its docking station equipped with speakers that embeds the Bonjour Henry voice assistant to help EDHAD residents stay in touch with their loved ones.

Following the measures announced by the President of the Republic on March 12, 2020 concerning the consequences of the Coronavirus epidemic in France, the French Red Cross has made an emergency appeal for donations in order to maintain its activitý with people in a very precarious situatioń in this exceptional context. The FDJ Corporate Foundation responded to the call by granting a substantial endowment to help the Red Cross fight against the isolation of seniors in EHPAD.

o assist in this effort, the Red Cross turned to a young start-up that has made digital inclusion its core business. Bonjour Henry has been developing since 2018 a 100% French voice assistant exclusively dedicated to seniors, which allows them to receive and send messages or launch video calls, without having to worry about the communication channel of their recipient: Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS, email, Instagram, Zoom, etc… Henry takes care of everything on a simple voice command, so the senior has no new usage to learn to communicate and the relatives have nothing to download. It’s easy for everyone!

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