Dextrain transforms neurorehabilitation for post-stroke patients

Paris – June 03, 2021 – Dextrain announces the launch of the Manipulandum, a medical device designed to improve the independence and quality of life of many patients after a stroke.

This innovation, marketed this June, is the result of a research program conducted at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurosciences of Paris (Inserm U1266, University of Paris).

Dextrain’s Manipulandum, which has just obtained its CE mark in June 2021, combines ultra-precise measurement of finger strength with specific exercises inspired by neuroscience, providing an unparalleled characterization of manual dexterity. This new technology was designed to improve the treatment of patients with manual dexterity deficits following a stroke.

In France, 140,000 people suffer a stroke each year1 and more than 500,000 French people are currently living with after-effects. It is the leading cause of acquired disability in adults2 . Up to 50% of stroke survivors experience impaired hand and finger function3. This deficit limits the autonomy of patients in everyday activities and strongly impacts their quality of life.

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