Paris, December 19, 2022 – Dextrain launches its Dextrain-Haptics project in partnership with the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurosciences of Paris. This ambitious project aims at combining haptics with Manipulandum to evaluate and train the tactile sensitivity of fingers. This initiative is supported by ANR funding.

Medical Devices Venture announces that its subsidiary, Dextrain, a startup labeled Deeptech by the BPI, is launching its Dextrain-Haptics development program aimed at creating a new solution for the evaluation and rehabilitation of tactile sensitivity disorders. This new device will complete the Manipulandum and will provide the most complete motor and sensory evaluation in fine dexterity rehabilitation.

The Dextrain Manipulandum, awarded the Reeduca Innov’ and Inovation Handicap prizes by SOFMER, is the result of research work carried out in the INSERM research laboratories and was developed to better quantitatively evaluate and specifically re-educate manual dexterity and its key components (finger dissociation, coordination, timing, etc.).

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