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Medical Devices Venture is a holding company that develops a portfolio of investments in the field of new healthcare technologies. Medical Devices Venture relies on the ARCHOS Group’s expertise in the industrialization of electronic products (consumer and professional markets with Logic Instrument’s expertise).

It takes majority stakes in new companies created in collaboration with the SATT (Société d’Accélération de Transfert de Technologie) and researchers who invent new technologies.

The SATTs are designed to enhance the value of French research through the implementation of maturation programs aimed at transforming ideas into intellectual property. These maturation programs are used to finance the development of prototypes and clinical studies to validate the performance and contribution of researchers’ inventions.


Dextrain started from an observation: there is a lack of reliable and precise tools to measure dexterity and its different components. Based on this observation, Påvel Lindberg and Maxime Térémetz, researchers at Inserm, have developed the Dextrain method to precisely quantify the key components of dexterity and to specifically train these components for a more precise and intense rehabilitation and thus improve recovery.

This work has led to numerous scientific publications showing the scientific and clinical interest of the Dextrain approach.

In 2021, in order to pursue these advances, the inventors joined forces with ARCHOS, the French leader in wearable technology, and Erganeo, an investment company specializing in research-based technologies, to create the Dextrain company.


POLADERME is the combination of science and technology at the service of dermatology: more than 10 years of research in spectropolarimetry at the ICube laboratory. POLADERME is developing a fast and non-invasive diagnostic solution based on optical and AI algorithms for in-depth tissue analysis for skin health. It is also the creation of an unprecedented database of the physical properties of the skin.

The POLADERME solution takes all the functionalities of the traditional and digital dermatoscope and improves them thanks to the information obtained by spectropolarimetry, which makes it possible to classify macroscopic lesions quickly and precisely, as well as to carry out an analysis of the surface condition in 3D.


DOMISANTE is a company with a mission, which aims to offer a generic base of prevention and monitoring to support, from the home: aging well, chronic diseases and post-operation

The vision was to create a reliable, intuitive, customizable health gateway with key services for a good follow-up from home:

– Monitoring of vitals, with the ONE a unique device, certified Medical Device

– Teleconsultations, thanks to direct access to the Hellocare platform to offer a complete care pathway: teleconsultation, prescription and delivery of medication in less than an hour

– Remote assistance, for a 24-hour presence

– Medical Agenda, designed to centralize all health-related events: medical appointments, visits from a caregiver or a home health aide

– Notifications, reminders to facilitate daily health monitoring: taking medication, appointments, taking vitals

– My Health Space, health information integrated into an application