To develop Health Tech & Medtech solutions combining: technology, machine learning, collaborative platform and clinical studies, to accompany patients from the hospital to their homes.


To support the development of hardware projects, via its subsidiary MDV IT, and to rely on the industrialization and marketing strength of the ARCHOS Group.


To be the majority shareholder of the start-ups in which Medical Devices Venture has invested. Medical Devices Venture sets up expert teams surrounding researchers with expertise and support, ranging from help securing financing, to advice on patents and certifications, to business training.


Medical Devices Venture is a holding company that develops a portfolio of investments in Med Tech start-ups.

The objective is to combine the expertise of hospital and university researchers with the group’s industrialization, certification and marketing strength.

The criteria for selecting investments are:

Projects matured by a SATT

A high-tech hardware component associated with Machine Learning

A dedicated team with a CSO and a scientific committee / PhD students

Secure health data

Non-invasive medical device to be launched within 18 months

The solution must be usable at the patient's home

Patents filed, clinical studies, publication



Dextrain combines its manual dexterity technology with Machine Learning to offer a unique rehabilitation solution.


A new approach of the dermatological analysis thanks to an objective and intelligent tool associated with machine learning to classify skin lesions.


Produce and customize mobile solutions for healthcare facilities. Industrialize the products of the startup companies in which Medical Devices Venture is a shareholder.


DOMISANTE’s objective is to offer a health gateway to accompany, from the home: aging well, chronic illnesses and post-operative care.


Our goal is to ensure that your project does not remain confidential but reaches as many people as possible.

We help Med Tech researchers to concretize the result of their research and to create a company that will give them the keys to industrialize and market their product.

If you are interested in the adventure, join us and together we will be an essential essential actor of the Med Tech of tomorrow.